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ERAP Serving Emergency Responder

Across the United States

ERAP Serving Emergency Responders Across the US


Welcome to the Emergency Responders Assistance Program (ERAP). ERAP is dedicated to providing emotional support to emergency first responders who experienced psychological trauma following critical incidents. ERAP, a non-profit organization of citizens who deeply care about those who protect us, recognizes that critical incidents may lead to significant stress which may manifest itself in deteriorating job performance, family breakdowns, chemical dependency, and suicides. ERAP underwrites training, education, and psychological assistance in a structured, intensive, three-day seminar environment (Emergency Responders Critical Incident Seminar, ERCIS).


Emergency Responders Critical Incident Seminar


Emergency Medical Responders Critical Incident Seminar

Need Immediate Help?

If you are concerned about your own safety and/or that of someone you love, please call for assistance. There are many resources listed, or please find a list of hotline numbers on our hotline page.

Meet Our Team

Eli Reshef MD

National Emergency Responders Assistance Program Board Chairman

Douglas White

Executive Director

Dr. Robbie Adler- Tapia

Clinical Director, National ERAP

Dr. Kathy Thomas

Clinical Director, Oklahoma ERAP


Therapy dog

ERAP is now Supporting Medical Workers

EMRAP is now providing support for health care workers.

Our Friends & Sponsors

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