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Our Mission

ERAP is dedicated to providing emotional support to emergency first responders who experienced psychological trauma following critical incidents.

Our Vision

ERAP recognizes that critical incidents may lead to significant stress which potentially manifest itself in deteriorating job performance, family breakdowns, chemical dependency, and suicides. ERAP is committed to serving emergency first responders who are in crisis as a result of experiencing a critical incident. ERAP underwrites training, education, and psychological assistance in a structured, intensive, three-day seminar environment (Emergency Responders Critical Incident Seminar, ERCIS).  ERAP’s holistic approach acknowledges the importance of family in the post-critical incident healing process. Peer support is a vital component of the seminar.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Emergency Responders Assistance Program (ERAP) is a non-profit organization that provides and underwrites mental health seminars to first responders who have been negatively impacted by critical incidents. A collaborative effort between caring citizens and first responders, ERAP is the only organization in Arizona to offer such extensive seminars to affected first responders and their significant others. 

These seminars, called Emergency Responders Critical Incident Seminars (ERCISs), are led by mental health workers and emergency responder peers. They are offered to mitigate the adverse effects of critical incidents on first responders, which include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, and suicide.

ERCIS is underwritten by ERAP, who is sustained by contributions from private donors and by limited grant support. Emergency responder and spouse participants do not have any financial obligations in attending the seminars. ERAP spends more than 85% of its contributions on programming (ERCIS), a very respectable percentage compared to most other non-profit organizations.

Save One Life, One Family, One Career - And We Will Be Successful.



Funds raised

We have served over 300 Emergency Responders, spouses, and significant others from across the United States and 88 different agencies. 

Fire, Law Enforcement, 911, EMT, and Medical Examiners. Beginning October 2020, we will begin providing our services to our Emergency Medical Heroes who have been battling the COVID pandemic.

Since 2015, ERAP has raised over $409,000 and funded 13 Emergency Responder Critical Incident Seminars in Oklahoma and Arizona. Although held in Oklahoma and Edmond, we have served Emergency Responders from Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington St. Idaho, California, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Arkansas, Connecticut, and Alaska.

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